Investment Law · Property Law

BENAMI – Transactions to ‘defraud’ the Government

The entire episode of Adarsh Housing Scam revealed glaring examples of dereliction of duty and severe lack of probity and accountability which needs to be very seriously investigated. This case engaged the attention of national headlines. It is for the Parliament and the Government to ensure that public trust is not betrayed. This incident proves the negative impacts of transactions by the use of proxies i.e. Benami Transactions.

Securities Law

SEBI supervision of Securities Market

The objective of the present thesis is to ascertain if the provisions of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) regulating the Securities and Financials Markets ensure adequately levels of Investor Protection. The primary focus of this thesis shall be coinciding with the course of Investment Law, enduring upon Protection of Rights and Interests of the Investors.

Evidence Law

Admissions vs Confessions

A Project thesis on Admissions Vs. Confessions.



A Project thesis on New Forms of Corporate Governance.

Taxation Law

Deductions under Section 80C of Income Tax Act

A study on deductions under Section 80C and related provisions of the Income Tax Act.

Company Law · Mergers and Acquisitions

A research report on Inter-Corporate Loans and Investments

A research on the provisions regulating Inter Corporate Loans and Investments.

Media Law

Emerging issues in Social Responsibility theory of Media in today’s era

A project report studying the upcoming and existing issues against the theory of Social Responsibility on Media persons.