Media Law

Parshuram Babaram Sawant v Times Global Broadcasting Limited

In India defamation is both a civil tort where monetary compensation can be claimed and a criminal offence. The verdict of this case is also expected to encourage more number of people to file defamation case for damages. The case concerned an unintentional defamation by the publication of a photograph for a very short period of time. I think the judgment given by the court is great as this gives a message to the media that they need to act in a good manner even though they are working for the society, but the laws are same for all and if you do wrong you will be punished.

Information Technology Law

Legal Consequences Of Online Defamation

By Manish Sati Symbiosis Law School NOIDA. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The methodology used in the present project relates to the usage of secondary data. Secondary data being used shall be in the form of databases though the World Wide Web and books written and published by author’s experts in this area of Law. INTRODUCTION Cyberspace is… Continue reading Legal Consequences Of Online Defamation

Forensic Science

Evidentiary Value Of Forensic Report In Indian Courts

The results of forensic related investigations are often detailed in a forensic report. These reports are often used for several purposes, including billing, affidavit’s, and as proof of what was found or not found. These reports are very important to a case. The expert opinions and reports to various courts in India and abroad under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act, which were highly appreciated, accepted and acknowledged for accuracy and expertise.