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Parshuram Babaram Sawant v Times Global Broadcasting Limited

In India defamation is both a civil tort where monetary compensation can be claimed and a criminal offence. The verdict of this case is also expected to encourage more number of people to file defamation case for damages. The case concerned an unintentional defamation by the publication of a photograph for a very short period of time. I think the judgment given by the court is great as this gives a message to the media that they need to act in a good manner even though they are working for the society, but the laws are same for all and if you do wrong you will be punished.

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Public Order As a Ground for Restriction Over Freedom of Speech & Expression

A study to understand the concept of Public Order with respect to media and its other laws.

Media Law

Emerging issues in Social Responsibility theory of Media in today’s era

A project report studying the upcoming and existing issues against the theory of Social Responsibility on Media persons.